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eTawredat, which is backed up by Al-Khail Industries & Trading offers a wide range of products to suit all your need in Tools, Machinery & Hardware


The only Company which is offering Multiple services under one roof, Importation - Retail Stores - eCommerce platform.

We provide total integrated solutions from preparing toolboxes to supplying all necessary requirements & machinery for factory setups and also helping you prepare your own complete workshop...

Our Vision

  • We strive to be the number one option for supplying Tools & Machinery in Egypt.

  • We work to provide the best products and services, that leads our customers to thrive.

  • We lead our clients to contribute to the local economy by meeting their needs and requirements.

  • Quality, cost and reliability are our basis for satisfying our customer’s business desires.

  • We aim to achieve the satisfaction of our clients through our consistent efforts and endeavors for innovation, quality and design.

Our Mission

  • To be a leading source of machinery, tools and machines within the sectors in which we operate.

  • To provide high-quality competitive solutions for all the industries we serve.

  • To provide continued support to all our colleagues and to strive daily for a better future.

  • To exceed customer expectations through continuous innovation in the supply of products and services.

  • To provide leadership and guidance in the machinery and tools sector.

Our Values

  • Collective efforts: - We are committed to a collective work environment with an integrated team to support each other.

  • Honesty in dealing: - For transparency and clarity towards our clients our suppliers and the task force work cohesively.

  • Passion: - We share passion and enthusiasm for our brands, products, achievements and our team.

  • Excellence: - We strive to do our best in everything we accomplish.

More about us : 

You can get to know our whole range of products from different categories by visiting our retail shops or browsing though our online store


• Retail shops

Through our retail shops, experienced staff and sales team we provide our customers the best collection of products and machinery that covers the whole industrial sector.

• Warehousing

We commit ourselves to organizing and storing our products in a professional manner using only barcode scanning for stockkeeping and receiving goods.

• eTawredat Online Store

One of our most important enterprises is our online store which allows our customers to go through our whole product range with prices, pictures and specifications..

• Importation

Through our long-term experience in importing Tools, machinery, ladders, toolboxes and power tools we can help you select and import products as per your needs and interests.

• Maintenance

An integrated range of high-precision maintenance and technical support services led by a team of service professionals after the sale.

• Manufacturing

Al-Khail’s manufacturing processes are based on quality, timeframe and constant advancement by accumulating experience in the specific field.

Toolboxes & Storage

Collection of Toolboxes products with different sizes for organizing everything as per you needs like plastic bags, ....

Compressors & Air Tools

Piston Air Compressors with best prices and specifications including 6 months of warranty on the head and 5 years on the tank.

Material Handling

Polyester webbing slings and Material handling machines for moving equipment and goods like Slings, .....

Painting Tools

Home for all your high quality and stainless steel construction hand tools with rubber and wood handle options.

Safety Supplies PPE

General Safety equipment for construction sites, factories and production lines.

Sealants and Foam

Different Types of Glues, Sealants and Foam.

Your partner wherever you are

We have the ability to provide our clients value based and specialized services.

High Quality Standards

We use our years of experience with our suppliers to get the best quality at competitive prices, to build a good share of the Egyptian market.

Our Customers

What our clients say about us

We have observed many qualities of Al-Khail Industries & Trading, including their craft, speed of response, and meeting all of our demands in a professional way that adequately meets the level of performance and professionalism.

Egyptian International Gas Technology

The key to success is to stay in close contact with an efficient and trustworthy business partner, which is Al-Khail Industries & Trading.

International Pipe Industry Co.


Bedo Co.

We always see our partners through a different perspective that reflects on one ‘s path to success and level of effectiveness in dealing, and Al-Khail is one of them.


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 80 El-Gomhoreyah، Ramses, Cairo Governorate

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 336, Industrial Sector 3, 6th October, Giza.  

Tel : 201227771102  / 20238242625

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